Finally.  An orthotic that's comfortable...

Low friction top cover treated with an anti-microbial barrier for odor protection Heel cup improves pressure distribution and shock absorption and helps stabilize the heel and foot with every step Proprietary foam provides superior shock absorbing comfort and energy return for enhanced feel and fit from heel to toe Unique heel “Comfort Zone” protects and cushions the heel at impact without compromising support or stability Unique semi-rigid nylon orthotic provides support and stability Image Map
Designed by a Physical Therapist, Cadence® insoles were developed out of a passion to create a high quality replacement insole that provides the elusive combination of semi-rigid orthotic support with the shock absorbing comfort of an insole. Click to continue...


"Cadence Insoles are the best over-the-counter devices I've used...Patients constantly tell me how good they feel"
- Dr. Scott A., Podiatrist

"I have personally been boot fitting for 25 years and as the footwear buyer, have tried dozens of kinds of arch supports and other aftermarket foot beds. Yours are among the best I've tried."
- Jim H.


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