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The Cadence® Difference

You will not find an insole on the shelves today that offers this combination of support and comfort.

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Cadence Insoles

Cadence are for those who want a supportive insole with greater shock absorbing comfort in the heel and forefoot. Cadence are made for running a little or an Ultra, walking, hiking, standing, working, skiing, fighting fires, catching bad guys, building houses, and basically any activity performed on our feet. Cadence are currently available in 3 different models. Scroll down or click the Products tab to find your preference. The Low Volume and EX are not sold online. Click the Retail Locations tab for a store or office near you and contact us if you have any questions about availability.

Cadence Original Orange
  • Support and Stability

    Unique semi-rigid nylon orthotic provides support and stability while providing pressure relief in the heel.

  • Shock Absorbing Comfort

    Proprietary foam provides exceptional shock absorbing comfort and energy return for enhanced feel and fit from heel to toe.

  • Comfort Zone in Heel

    Unique “Comfort Zone” in the heel protects the heel at impact without compromising support or stability.  

  • Pressure Distribution

    Heel cup improves pressure distribution and shock absorption and helps stabilize the heel and foot with every step.

  • Cadence Low Volume

    The Low Volume provides durable semi-rigid support, high rebound shock absorbing foam with enhanced comfort in the heel and is more accommodating for lower volume shoes or those that prefer a thinner orthotic. 

    The Low Volume is 5mm thick from heel to toe, has a wider forefoot and a narrower mid foot and heel when compared to the Orange and the EX.

    The Low Volume helps alleviate and prevent common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, achilles tendonitis and other conditions of the foot, knee, and hip.

    The wider forefoot better accommodates footwear with a wider toe box - Altra, Topo, and Keen shoe devotees especially love them. 

    The Low Volume is exclusive to and only available for purchase from select retailers and Dr. offices - it is not available for online sales.  

    Please check the Retail Locations page for a store near you.  If you have any questions about availability, please feel free to send us an email.

  • Cadence EX

    The Cadence EX was designed for those looking for semi-rigid support and exceptional shock absorbing comfort, especially in the heel.

    The EX has an upgraded lower friction CoolMax® top cover and a stiffer shell when compared to the Original Orange and Low Volume models. 

    The Foam is approximately 7mm thick at the heel and under the ball of the foot before tapering to 5mm at the toes.

    The EX helps alleviate and prevent common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, shin splints, iliotibial Band syndrome, achilles tendonitis and other conditions of the foot, knee, and hip.

    The EX is exclusive to and available for purchase only from participating retailers and medical offices and is not available online

Experience the Cadence Difference

Cadence insoles provide the elusive combination of semi-rigid support with greater shock absorbing comfort, especially under the heel and ball of the foot. 

Cadence helps to reduce stress and fatigue in the feet, legs, and hips, and enhance the fit of your shoes.

Cadence Insoles help alleviate and prevent common injuries such as: Ÿplantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, shin splints, Ÿiliotibial band syndrome, achilles tendonitis and other conditions of the foot, knee, and hip.

Ragged Mountain Running on Cadence Insoles

Cadence insoles have been used and abused by thousands of satisfied customers.



"As an avid hiker...and long standing plantar fasciitis sufferer, I have triedall kinds of different insoles includingcustom orthotics with frustratingly mediocre results until NOW!...I wouldrecommend Cadence to anyone andeveryone."

“…Prior to using the Cadence Insoles, my feet, legs and back would be killing me by the end of the day. Now with the use of the insoles the pain from my feet and legs is gone and it has also helped with my chronic lower back pain. I would highly recommend this product…to anyone who has experienced pain and discomfort from having to spend prolonged time on their feet…”

I LOVE these insoles.  I have high arches and wide feet. It's tough to find over the counter orthotics for support with trail running but these insoles do the job. Great cushioning in the right places, support where you need it. Thanks, Cadence:) 

"I have been wearing custom orthotics for 40 years, but they are made of hard plastic and often will cut into the sides of my feet. The Cadence Insoles have been a miracle for me. They serve the exact purpose my old orthotics did without the threat of an occasional gouge into my foot. Am going to order a couple more and use them in my dress and golf shoes."

“Awesome. For years I had custom orthotics. I have been using Cadence insoles for nearly three years and my feet feel better than they did with the 300.00 custom pair, regardless of the shoe I put them in.”

“My podiatrist recommended the Cadence Insole when I had both plantar fasciitis and heel bursitis for several months. The insoles provided both arch support and the heel cushioning that is helping to resolve my foot pain. I can walk my usual 3 miles again!! You will not regret purchasing these insoles..together with their use and calf stretching, foot pain can be resolved. Thank you!!”