Partnership Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in my Cadence insoles.  If you are considering adding Cadence to your inventory, I hope you find the information below helpful.  We make every effort to partner with those we feel can represent our brand and is in a position to serve our customers well.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or if I can provide more information.

Cadence are intended for those who benefit from and appreciate a supportive insole with greater shock absorbing comfort in the heel and forefoot.  They are demonstrating excellent sell-through and sold in more than 400 retail, podiatry, pedorthic, physical therapy, and chiropractor accounts around the country.  Many of these report greater customer satisfaction and sales with Cadence than with others and I am proud to provide what has become a #1 selling insole for many.   

Cadence currently has 6 different models with assorted profiles and flexes to choose from.  Each model provides contoured support combined with durable high rebound/low compression set polyurethane foam. They have a unique cut out in the heel of the shell for added comfort and relief under the heel and the full-length models can be trimmed to fit around the forefoot as needed.   

Five of the 6 models are exclusive to and available only for in-store sales and are not available online. Descriptions and photos of each model can be found in the products menu but don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or if I can provide more information.

As a Physical Therapist focused on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation for more than 24 years, I designed Cadence using feedback and successful outcomes of past patients with various pain syndromes of the foot and knee.  I also designed them to be used in a clinical setting where the clinician has the ability to customize them with the addition of a wedge, post or lift if needed.  I continue to consult with a wide range of podiatrists, pedorthists, store owners, GM's, managers, and passionate users in an effort to design a product that provides the most function and benefit. 

In addition to providing you with a high-quality insole, we want your experience as a retail partner to be as seamless and friction free as possible.  We are accessible and available via phone, email, text, or fax to answer any questions, fill orders, talk design, or chat about the kids.  

We stand by our product 100% and provide a Customer Comfort Guarantee and a Lifetime Performance Guarantee for all retail partners.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident in Cadence insoles and how they perform for you and your customers.  Please contact me for a complete list of partner benefits.