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“I got my new insoles today! Did you hear me shout for joy from Baton Rouge?!?! … First 13 hours on my new insoles and my feet aren’t burning like they have been for weeks…I sent the second pic to show you how amazed I am at your product’s longevity. A picture with my old insoles next to my new. The top pair have been with me for a bare minimum of 500 miles (and that’s probably a conservative estimate) of slogging through COVID 19. I am normally pretty finicky about changing my footwear every 3 months because I put so many steps on them working in the ER. And my shoes and insoles were new for Christmas for me this year so I know how far that top pair has traveled. You can hardly tell the new from the old!  I love your insoles.  I have tried other inserts from the cheap to the expensive personal orthotics. I love your product the best. They fit everything from my sneakers to my Algeria clogs. Everything I have had before either addressed my arch or my foot (supination vs pronation) but never both and with a little spring in your step.”
- Tiffany


"The Bataan Memorial Death March went very well, the new insoles were FANTASTIC as I wore them the entire race. I taped my knee before the race started as I was not sure how it would do with close to 40lbs. on my back for 26.2 miles, though hills and deep sand, but it was never an issue.  My feet and knees felt great at finish line, quads were pretty tired. I finished 130 out of close to 900 in the civilian heavy division, so for a 54 y/o I will take it. I am in the blue shirt with my cousin at the finish line. His feet and knees did not do well, and I ended up waiting 45 minutes at the last aid station so we could finish together. Thanks again, you make a great product."
- Brian

"I LOVE these insoles.  I have high arches and wide feet. It's tough to find over the counter orthotics for support with trail running but these insoles do the job. Great cushioning in the right places, support where you need it. Thanks, Cadence:)"
– Deb L.

"I have been wearing custom orthotics for 40 years, but they are made of hard plastic and often will cut into the sides of my feet. The Cadence Insoles have been a miracle for me. They serve the exact purpose my old orthotics did without the threat of an occasional gouge into my foot. Am going to order a couple more and use them in my dress and golf shoes."

- Bob L.

"I have tried superfeet blue but they were too hard underfoot for my 63+ year feet. Good but could not use them for long runs without discomfort...So I invested in cadence mainly based on the testimony of that running store owner and your informative web site. I am very pleased with the size they fit snugly with no gap at the toe end of the shoe. I wear a size 12 saucony ride 8 shoe. Perfect fit same size as the original insole of the shoe. In the shoe they are very supportive for the ankle and arch without me feeling that hard bump under my arch that I feel with other insoles I have used. One or two online reviews stated that they were to thick underfoot and made the shoe tight. I do not find that the case. I have plenty of toe wriggle room. And I tried them on after a two hour trail run so my feet were quite swollen. Will begin using them for my training and a 10km Fun Run/race on Sunday the 24th.  Thank you so much."
- Tony (Australia)

“Just wanted to drop a little email to say "muchas gracias" for the insoles! I bought my first pair via the recommendation from the people at On Your Marks running store in Eagle, Idaho. Your insoles are every bit as good, if not better, than a very expensive custom pair I bought several years previous. Being a fairly active adult, with an equally physically active career, I've found your product fantastic. Keep up the good work over there! You guys definitely "Rock The Cazba."
- Rexford

“Awesome. For years I had custom orthotics. I have been using Cadence insoles for nearly three years and my feet feel better than they did with the 300.00 custom pair, regardless of the shoe I put them in.”
- George J.

“Finally, a product that works. Money well spent. My Orthopedic Surgeon recommended the Cadence Insoles when I mentioned I would be starting a part time job and would be on my feet all day Saturday and Sunday. I had partial insoles due to plantar fasciitis in the past. Confident in my sneakers and old insoles I worked my first weekend. Come Monday, it was difficult to walk. I then sat down at my computer and ordered the Cadence Insoles. The following weekend when I went into work and stood all Saturday and Sunday, I couldn’t believe the difference. I tell everyone about this product. I highly recommend them.”
- Melissa M.

“I have been wearing my Cadence Insoles for about one week now. My feet are still adjusting to the Insole but wow even with the adjustment, what a difference! I can actually walk around and not feel the ground below me. They are super comfy and keep my feet from hurting. I can actually walk around for long periods of time without my feet aching... You have a customer for life.”
- Johnny S.

“…I now have enough Cadence insoles (7 pair) for every single pair of shoes I own, Hiking boots, and even my morning slippers.  It has been pretty miraculous for me - being able to walk again and hike without constant pain and unsteady gait, acting like I'm 90 years old instead of the youngster at 65 that I am.  Not to mention the huge savings $$ compared to what the other "shoe doctors" want to charge to "build" a special customized pair of orthotic insole inserts. Thank you again for making my flat feet recovery back to perfect support and most of all - no pain and very comfortable.  Cadence definitely "walks on water and eats fire" in my book on foot comfort solutions.”
- Steve, Colorado 

“My podiatrist recommended the Cadence Insole when I had both plantar fasciitis and heel bursitis for several months. The insoles provided both arch support and the heel cushioning that is helping to resolve my foot pain. I can walk my usual 3 miles again!! You will not regret purchasing these insoles..together with their use and calf stretching, foot pain can be resolved. Thank you!!”
Ann C.

“I have had plantar fasciitis for some months by now because of excessive running. I have tried different shoes, massage, stretching etc. And although it helps a little it is actually not until I started to use Cadence insoles that I am experiencing a real and lasting progression. I am now looking positively on my running future again!”
- Per H. (Sweden)

"I am getting ready for my first 100 mile race (Javelina Jundered) but I have been having pain in my arches and right knee with any mileage over 25 miles. So I decide to try these after hearing the POD cast on Trail Runner Nation a while ago. I have now had them two weeks, and I just completed a 50 mile run with them this past weekend, and I could not be happier. My feet were sore, but not painful, totally what I would expect with that kind of mileage. I have used other inserts, but the plastic heels always made my heels sore, I love the squishy heels in these. So I could not be more satisfied. Hopefully my first 100 miler goes well!!"
- Brian W.

"For the first time in my running life I began having some arch pain. After hearing about Cadence I figured it was worth a try. After puttin them in for the first time I immediately felt the support of my arch was going to help. After wearing them for a couple weeks my arch pain is almost completely gone! I even felt comfortable enough to go for a 30 mile run in the Blue Ridge mountains last Saturday! My arch actually felt better AFTER the run! THANK YOU SO MUCH CADENCE! What a fantastic product!!!"
- Jason M.

"Perfect. Needed high arch support and good heel cushion. Cadence Insoles matched my needs exactly. Highly recommend."
- Thomas L.

"I bought a pair of Cadence insoles for my shoes that I wore hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to Manchu Picchu.  4 days of hiking on rocks, a zillion stair going up and down and my feet legs and knees felt great. Thanks so much for the excellent product.  No blisters, no pain.  love them! - plus fast shipping."
- Merry M.

"Through 20 years of working many many hours on our feet as bakery owners/baker/salesperson, we have tried many different approaches to soothing our sore, tired feet – inserts, shoes that claim to be best, lots of ibuprofen, etc.  We can say, unequivocally, that the Cadence insoles are the most comfortable inserts we have ever worn!...They hit all the right places on the foot, have perfect cushioning and cradle the heel nicely.  Highly recommend them."
- Debbie T.

"Having Plantar Fasciitis pain in the heel of your foot is like a "lightning pain". You want it to end! CADENCE insoles are well designed and have worked wonders for me in terms of reducing the pain. When I wake up at night for a "pit stop" and get up in the morning I get into my shoes with the CADENCE insoles rather than my bedroom slippers. This is a big problem solver."
- Art F.

"I ordered 2 pairs of your insoles a few weeks ago.  I already had 2 pair.  I saw a podiatrist today and he asked about my insoles.  I showed him one and I could tell he was quite impressed.  His comment was 'I can't improve on that.'  I am finding them by far the best insoles I have tried and I have tried many."
- Bob R.

“I've suffered plantar fasciitis for about a year, and unfortunately my job (prison guard) isn't easy on my feet. Over that time, I've tried 6 different insoles as well as braces and NSAIDs…and I did not want to see a doctor (I don't feel like getting a 16 gauge needle with steroids jabbed in my foot).  Out of options, I came across Cadence on a Google search… I was hesitant to try these (but) just after the first day, the pain went from an 8 to a 2 and I no longer favor my right foot.  In fact, even when not wearing them, it doesn't feel like I'm walking on rocks when I first get up and start moving.  In short, thank you.  It was money well spent and I want to get another pair.  Don't know how you came up with this design, but I feel like they were specifically designed for me.”
– Dan B.

“I love cadence insoles.  I just referred you to Plantar Fasciitis Survival Guide's website.  I've been suffering with PF for several months.  As I was trying every insole I could find, I came across cadence.  I've been getting better with them each day.  I'm almost 100% pain free.  I buy these for every new shoe, boot, and foot wear I own.  I love em...”
- Travis Z.

“I had been having problems when hiking with very sore feet.  I checked with a friend who works for Diamond Brand in Asheville NC and he suggested Cadence Insoles.  They worked for me.  I now have 4 pair I put in my hiking and running shoes.  I don't hike or run without them.”
- Brenda W.

“Undoubtedly these are the best!”
- George V.

“I wanted to let you know how much your Cadence Insoles arch support system has helped me more than I ever expected. I have flat feet and work as an inspector in the construction industry and can spend more than 8 hours on my feet during the day.  Prior to using the Cadence Insoles, my feet, legs and back would be killing me by the end of the day.  Now with the use of the insoles the pain from my feet and legs is gone and it has also helped with my chronic lower back pain.  I would highly recommend this product, the Cadence Insoles to anyone who has experienced pain and discomfort from having to spend prolonged time on their feet.  I have also spent a lot of money on having custom insoles made for me in the past and I have found these Cadence Insoles to be just as good or better in helping to support my flat feet.  The Cadence Insole is a great product and I would recommend them to my closest friends and family members.”

- Bradley B.

“Firstly I want to state that in my opinion, Cadence makes the best feeling insoles on the market today.  In fact, I just purchased another set for my running shoes.  Congratulations on a great product…Perfect combination of support and comfort!  When playing tennis, I don't realize that I am wearing shoes. Therefore, my movement is the best it could possibly be while minimizing the post-match aches and pains. This is the greatest compliment coming from a 51 year old body.”
- Allan R.

"Your Cadence insoles are absolutely the best I have ever used.  I am a big guy and suffer from recurring plantar fasciitis.  Relief for my foot pain has been difficult to come by.  The first day I used your insoles, I was on my feet for 6 hours at our college's summer orientation.  Although not completely pain-free, I was more comfortable than I have been for very long time.  I have been wearing the Cadences daily, and I cannot believe the difference they have made - even in my well-worn shoes that I had abandoned due to foot pain.  Wonderful product.  I will be back for more. Take care."
- Tom S.

"Just wanted to send a note and say how happy I am with these insoles - I am an ironman triathlete and a marathon runner who has been sidelined for almost a year with severe plantar facitits ... started in one foot and went to two. I can now run again and your insoles are AMAZING.  Love them.  A miracle."
- Danielle Y.

"We've been in business since 1952, and we specialize in boot fitting for hiking/travel/backpacking.  I have personally been boot fitting for 25 years and as the footwear buyer, have tried dozens of kinds of arch supports and other aftermarket foot beds.  Yours are among the best I've tried.
- Jim H.

“I have worn them three days now, and I am delighted!  My (plantar fasciitis) pain is practically nonexistent!  After using Cadence and comparing them to (another brand) I rate Cadence a ten out of ten!  In fact, I have to use the hyperbole that my teen students use: Cadence is a million on the one to ten scale.”
- Amy L.

“As an avid hiker, eight to ten km's daily over steep rough terrain, and long standing plantar fasciitis sufferer, I have tried all kinds of different insoles including custom orthotics with frustratingly mediocre results until NOW! Cadence insoles are wonderful. After my daily hike my feet are not at all fatigued and most importantly pain free -- no need for Advil! I would recommend Cadence to anyone and everyone."
- Brian T.

"The Cadence Insoles are the best over-the-counter devices I've used.  They provide the perfect balance of biomechanical control with the most effortless ease of dispensing.  Patients constantly tell me how good they feel."
- Scott A, DPM

"I was very skeptical when I first ordered these insoles but now after wearing them several times playing tennis I don't feel anymore any pain in my Achilles after a good 1.5-2 hrs match. I wish I had found out about these insoles many years ago. I'll definitely recommend these insoles to all my friends.  Great job Cadence!!"
- Gabriel P.

"I love my new Cadence insoles! I walk an hour every day on concrete and have bone on bone in one knee. Since I've been using these insoles, I have much less knee pain during my walks. Looking forward to trying them out on one of my longer hikes."
- Bill C.

"I bought a set of Cadence Insoles for my second Half Dome hike this year. The difference was remarkable! They are super cushy, yet provide great support. They cradle the heel wonderfully. Thanks for the tip!"
- Jeanne O.

"Cadence insoles go everywhere my sports shoes go; be it running walking, hiking or casual sneakers for shopping. Each time I change shoes, I take the insoles out of the previous pair of shoes & insert them into the current pair of shoes I am wearing.  These insoles are comfortable with cushion & arch stability.  The comparison of other brand insoles and my Cadence insole use is remarkable. Before I used the Cadence Insoles, I couldn't hike or run long distances."
- James C, Age 16

“Wow John, I cannot compliment you and your company enough.  For years I've been told by Doctors I needed orthopedics for my shoes.  I've tried all different brands.  The Doctors said that was the problem with my lower back.  After a week of wearing your cadence insoles all my stiffness and my lower back locking up are no longer apart of my regular pains as a professional tour Caddie. Thank you."
- Ray E., Professional Golf Caddy

“My search for the perfect insole has finally ended. After trying several brands like Spenco, Sole, SofSole and Superfeet. I have never been fully satisfied with the level of comfort, especially after a long day of teaching or playing on the court. Having a flat foot I first experienced severe heel pain in the Barricade V's back in 2008 and that's how my whole insole quest started. I currently use the Nike Air Court Ballistec 4.3's and my size 12 Cadence fits perfectly into them. For any serious athlete or person concerned about the comfort and support for your feet at a very reasonable cost, definitely give Cadence a try and I guarantee you won't regret it!”
-  Justin Y. via Review

“After my marathon May 20th of last year, I discovered that I had a meniscus tear that required arthroscopic surgery... which I had in August. As you can imagine it took me a few months to heal (no running), and then a few more months to gradually train back up to marathon distances. In my return to running, I have made two specific commitments that will keep my knees healthy for the next decades; first I now only run every second workout (bike or swim the others)... and second I always wear the Cadence Insoles for cushioning and support. Just this past weekend, I had a new pair of shoes arrive in the mail... and I tried them with the factory-standard Fitsole inserts for a 15-mile run. Wow what a difference versus my other pair of identical shoes with the Cadence Insoles; the ride was noticeably harder with each step... and after the run I held the Fitsole in one hand and the Cadence Insole in the other hand, and the weight was virtually identical…thanks for creating the best insoles.”
- Scott R.

“The Cadence insoles have been above and beyond.  The comfort level is the best on the market of all I have tried.  They truly are a part of the reason my feet have not had arthritic flare ups.  I wear them in all my shoes.”
- Update from Joshua P., Professional Golf Caddy

“I've been wearing them fairly regularly and quite like them. I find them to be a nice balance of everything. I've tried many types of shoes and a few insoles and it’s a hard thing to perfect. I think you have a great product. I stand on my feet all day long (12 plus hrs) on concrete floors and I feel the improvement.”
- Niran M.

“My husband and I thank you sincerely for our wonderful insoles - they are great!  I haven’t had any leg or foot pain AT ALL since I started using mine.  They’re truly awesome.”
- Laura M., California Central Coast Winery General Manager

"I find when I am backpacking, especially through the hard granite trails of the Sierras carrying a loaded pack, my body appreciates a little extra cushioning. After breaking my ankle in a bouldering accident a few years ago, I often experience plantar fasciitis type heel pain, especially after a long day on the trail. The foam layer of the Cadence Insoles creates an extra level of comfort, with a deep heel cup that cradles your heel and provides maximum cushioning to the area to help alleviate pain...If you are looking for an insole that provides both arch support and cushioning, check out Cadence Insoles."

"I was really starting to hate running.  My feet & shins would always hurt, even when I used another leading brand. I recently found out about Cadence insoles & decided to give running another try.  My feet, shins, and legs didn't hurt during or even after the run.  The support and cushioning were awesome and my feet felt like they were energized throughout the run.  The amazing part is on that first run, I ran farther than my goal and I've been increasing my distance ever since.  I'm actually beginning to really enjoy running again!"
- Cori F.

“Lets see: feet don't hurt, shin splints don't act up while standing and teaching on the cement pad; legs don't hurt; back not sore; so I would say they were pretty good.”
- Rick W., PGA Golf Professional

"As a physical therapist I have spent years looking for an orthotic to support my foot and arch.  I have suffered from patellofemoral and iliotibial pain for many years and Cadence insoles provide my foot with great support.  I do not experience any pain while I wear them with leisure activities or while running.  I now recommend Cadence insoles to my patients and friends."
- Karen B, PT

“I wanted to let you know that I have spent 56 hours on the court this week alone and I can honestly say that my feet are feeling so much better!  It’s amazing and I really do believe it is due to your Cadence insoles.  The biggest thing for me has been that I have had no pain in the metatarsal area where I have had stress fractures.  By the end of the day that area is usually extremely painful and I have had no pain this entire week, which is amazing.  Thank you so much!”
- Darien W., Tennis Professional

"Congratulations on Cadence Insoles, they are brilliant!  The size 12 insole fit perfectly into my size 12 shoe, no cutting or trimming needed.  I love the "skin".  I run without socks and slipping a bare foot into the shoe felt really good.  No blisters, no hotspots. With every insole or orthotic there's always a break-in period.  I tucked the OEM insoles into my waistband thinking I'd need to trade them back into the shoes once I got a hot spot going somewhere.  That never happened.  While there was new pressure with the greater arch support, it was only a positive enhancement.  The new support felt natural and normal and that was just 75 min into wearing them.  Soft feel.  I ran on the beach path, which is all flat and all concrete.  I'm a forefoot runner now so I didn't feel the immediate benefits of the heel cushion but I did feel the softer contact point under the ball of my foot.  Overall I thought they were fantastic, the best insoles I've used."
- Ian M., USAT Level III Triathlon Coach

"I cannot tell you how much more comfortable they are than the other all plastic ones were to wear all day. Even my co-workers notice how much better I am able to walk now.  Thank you again.  I really appreciate wearing them."
- Kathy T.

"I think your insoles are markedly better than the other brand. I feel like I get the same support with Cadence as I do the other, but Cadence is more comfortable because of the soft heel. Really, it is something very noticeable the minute you put them on. I have bought and used 3 pair of the other brand over the last 6 months.  2 pair go into my everyday loafers and the third go to my walking sneakers. I have probably logged over 150 miles in my walking sneakers with the other brand over the last 5 months.  I will replace them with the Cadence product.  There is a very noticeable difference between the two; yours are more comfortable while maintaining the needed support.  Great product, you’re going to be very successful with this...!"
- Bill M.

"The insoles are phenomenal. So far they have been very durable and comfortable.  The pain in my feet is lessened, matter of factly.  I am very grateful.  I like them more than the neoprene from the podiatrist. Those lasted 2 years comfortably and the 3rd year not so comfortable... Yours are the best I have tried.  I also tried another insole but it was more about the cuppy plastic heel and the sole of it was to thin and uncomfortable.  It forced me to leave the original insole; therefore leaving my swollen toes no room to move... I have rheumatoid."
- Joshua P., Professional Golf Caddie

"The shoes you buy nowadays don’t give your feet a lot of support.  I’m on my feet all day for work.  So I decided to try Cadence insoles for support.  After trying them I really felt a difference in comfort and they also had great arch support."
- Chris S.

"I truly love this insole.  I suffered from plantar fasciitis for over a year and a half, to the point that is was very hard for me to walk on the bare floor or to wear regular tennis shoes.  I had tried most insoles on the market and then my therapist suggested I try Cadence Insoles.  After wearing them inside my tennis shoes I can say my plantar fasciitis problem is almost gone and I can get off my bed and walk around the house barefooted.  I truly recommend these insoles; they are worth every cent."
- Lydia G.

“At almost 61, with scoliosis, and after two spinal fusions, I'm now naturally concerned with maintaining proper posture and conditioning. To this end, I've begun using Cadence Insoles and have been quite impressed with the stability, support and comfort they are providing me.  Even my Golden, Sammy, is pleased as I desire to walk him more often!”
- Michael M.

"They are so comfortable. It feels like small trampolines in my shoes.  The extra support for my flat feet have given me the ability to enjoy being more active with my wife. My wife is equally impressed and enjoys the way the arch support feels.  Now all our shoes feel inadequate without the support of Cadence Insoles."
- David and Linda D. 

"With my new cadence insoles I was able to double my runs without pain."
- Sam S., PT

"I just wanted to let you know my son Jerry loves his insoles.  He said they really made a difference and he would definitely order them again!   Thank you!"
- Deborah T.

"I have been a football and LaCrosse referee for over 8 years and after even one game, my feet, ankles and knees would really ache.  After using my Cadence Insoles, I was able to ref 3 LaCrosse games in one day and I felt great!"
- Michael C.
Div. 3 Football Referee
High School LaCrosse Referee

"I am wild about my Cadence insoles and can run longer and harder.  My feet tend to pronate in and put extra and unwanted stress on my ankles and calves. The amazing support of the CADENCE heel really helps keep my whole foot supported and takes the added strain off of my ankles and calves ---no more ankle pain or calf cramps is a true blessing"
- Laura H., Professional