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The pandemic has most of us a little nervous from a personal health perspective as well as a business standpoint.  We understand that the health and safety of our retail and clinical partners, their families, and employees is the top priority, as it is ours. 

We also understand that many Cadence retail locations are temporarily closed.  But some are open for curbside or even home delivery or drop ship orders.  If there is a local retailer near you, we encourage you to call and see if they can fill your Cadence or other footwear needs.  If this is not practical for you the original orange model can still be purchased from the Cadence website.  We remain committed to delivering your Cadence without delay as our shipping schedule and availability has not changed. 

Please also consider donating to the Two Ten Footwear Foundation.  They specifically benefit employers and employees in the footwear industry and offer resources at the community and national levels, and they received a maximum 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.  Pass it along to anyone that might benefit.  https://twoten.org

Stay safe and healthy and feel free to contact us with any questions.